'Them Old Bones' - CD Album 2017

Image of 'Them Old Bones' - CD Album 2017

CD release packaged in a 6 panel Digi pack with artwork by the band and all lyrics included!

Them Old Bones – 12 tracks of Old Time Roots music, Ska and Punk thrown into a backwoods still to make musical moonshine!

1 - Black Flies
2- Preacher
3 - Brother You Better Be Praying
4- Devil in A Black Dress
5 - Contemplate Your Moves
6 - Dance 'til You're Dead
7 - Nails and Needles
8 - Them Old Bones
9 - Out Of Control
10 - Into The Fire
11 - B.O.T.H.E.R Bother!
12 - Wolves, They Will Follow

"The pulsating core of ‘Them Old Bones’, the debut album from Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls, takes pretty much all the preconceptions you might have and throws them out... There are dark warnings, powerful accusations, gritty observations and singular attitude... this is a musical heist that robs you of ordinary and replaces it with exceptional" Folk Words

"A spooky slab of backwoods punk, mixed with medicine show huckster and old timey roots music. JCODS make deliciously devilish sounds. Something wicked coming this way. Highly recommended" - Folkcast

"That nailed it, good stuff. Left of field stomper. A wonderful fusion of trad, old timey, New Orleans Voodoo Queen and morris dancing, I think???" - Mike Harding / Mike Harding Folk Show

Featuring guest appearances from Paul-Ronney Angel of THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE on Harmonica and Captain Future of THE FUTURE SHAPE OF SOUND on Percussion, Jaws Harp and Slide Guitar.

Engineered and Mixed by Alex McGowan
Produced by Jo Carley, Tim Carley and Alex McGowan
Mastered at Metropolis by Andy Hippy Baldwin

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